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    •  CANEX Carpet Underlayment
Plywood Underlayment is used to improve wood-based subfloors and provide a suitable base for the final decorative flooring surface. Plywood underlayment is used to provide a stiffer; more structurally sound vinyl, laminate, carpet, ceramic tile or wood floor. It is also used to remove visual imperfections in the subfloor, providing a smooth, defect-free surface that will not show shape conformation or draping through thin flexible floors like sheet vinyl and vinyl composite tile.
Product Guide
   •  5 ply veneer core constructed provides firm support
   •  Sanded, solid surface requires less preparation
   •  4'x 8', 4'x 4', 4'x 5' size available
   •  Whole piece face with no defects
   •  Printed nail pattern
   •  Guaranteed not to warp, buckle, or delaminate
   •  Guaranteed not to have core voids or core gaps
   •  Marine grade glue passes boil test provides added
Insurance against water damage from floor cleaning and occasional flooding caused by plumbing or appliance failures.
   •  Product Serial:
a)  Standard. 1/4" nominal (5.2mm) thickness, tropical hard wood & poplar combi core, light in weight, easy to handle, allow score and snaps with a knife for easier and faster installation
b)  Premium. 1/4" (6.0mm) thickness, tropical hard wood core, birch/beech face and back constructed, extra thickness stiffness panel, eliminates vertical movement at the seams due to compression of the old cushioned vinyl underneath
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