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    •  Carpet TackStrip Pin Height
C Pin C Pin
1/4 inch tack strip pin height - use for carpets with rough or thick backings where extra penetration is required.
E Pin E Pin
7/32 inch tack strip pin height - use for most carpet installations. (Carpet tack strip is supplied in E pin height unless requested otherwise.)
D Pin D Pin
3/16 inch tack strip pin height - use for carpets with short, dense pile to avoid pins showing through the carpet face.
J Pin J Pin
5/32 inch tack strip pin height - use with very thin carpet, fine velour and velvets with thin backings.
Choose the correct tack strip pin height according to the thickness of the pile and backing of the carpet being installed. Tackstrip pins should penetrate completely through the backing but should not penetrate more than 50% of the pile.
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